Last book signing in L.A. this year!

Raul Contreras

North Hollywood, CA


What I'm doing with my life? Well... This past 6 months I: Staged a automobile accident with turned over cars, fire trucks, ambulance, and police cars for a political commercial. I played a Pirate for the History Channel's Andrew Jackson during the Battle for New Orleans...Renato Beluche, he was called. As trivia I was the Art Director on that doc film. I got surprised (un-scripted) attacked by 3 celebrities on a reality tv show...and ended up in a paintball gun battle with Producers screaming "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" One of the celebs was Joanie Cunningham from Happy Days. Adapted "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" into a screenplay. Work on a Skin-a-max cable series...fake f*ucking. Fake boobs and so, so boring. "It's not porn!"-Producer Designed and dressed a "magical" forest in Big Sur for a teaser trailer of "World of Warcraft." Adapted "The Land of Oz" into a screenplay. Just finished a black and white murder mystery movie that takes place in a gothic mansion (we made) during the 1930's. Next? I don't know...and loving it. ...this is my it is time for me to tell my stories.